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About Us

Compassionate Growth

True wealth is the value inherent in people. EWM is privileged to serve our clients and community through compassionate growth with the following commitments:

  • The EWM team listens and educates with non-judgmental understanding, while always  maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • EWM manages client assets with a strong sense of stewardship and a weighted respect for  responsibility we hold on every client’s behalf. EWM continues to invest in a process that will 
  help us defend and advance that which clients have entrusted to us.
  • The EWM team is passionate about guiding people through their legacy building journey,  because building wealth requires a long-term plan with a focused and steady vision for each  client’s unique situation and future.

Our Story

Visit the Executive Wealth Management firm’s history, values, vision, and corporate expansion, from its founding in 1981 to present.

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Our Mission and Values

EWM Leads to Serve

Executive Wealth Management focuses on developing and sustaining enduring relationships through compassionate understanding of our clients’ needs. We are professionals with a foundation of over 30 years of integrity and transparency, providing a legacy of economic well-being for our clients, associates, and community.

Our Commitment to Every Client

The Executive Wealth Management team works hard to elevate every client’s investing experience with our compassionate service and our strategic "Build. Defend. Advance." process.

Our Core Values

Operating with transparency and accountability, following through
and walking the walk.

Sincerity and understanding, while
genuinely caring for all with whom
we come in contact.

Unified to serve our employees,
families, clients and neighbors.