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Pension plans are becoming ever more rare. The long era of working at a company for decades and being paid a pension during your retirement years is past. Still, there are a few employers, like the government and a dwindling number of companies, who offer pensions.

Should you be numbered among those receiving—or looking to receive—a pension, your Executive Wealth Management advisor will help you understand how you can optimize pension income in your financial plan.

How Our Financial Advisors Help With Your Pension

  • How are my Pension and Retirement related?
    The amount you receive in your pension is relative to how many years you have worked with your company. Your advisor will review your pension plan and inform you of how the timing of your retirement affects the finances you need to maintain or advance your lifestyle.

  • Annuity Distribution or Lump Sum?
    If you find yourself typing this question into your search browser, you’ll find pages of warnings and sob stories. Having an experienced financial advisor at your side is imperative when weighing out the benefits and pitfalls of opting for an annuity distribution or taking your pension in a lump sum.

  • Single Life or Joint and Survivor?
    There are often two pension options for post-retirement: single life which gives you a set amount per month for the remainder of your lifetime, or joint and survivor, giving you a smaller amount per month that will be passed on to a beneficiary.  You will want to discuss your options with your financial advisor to help you stay aligned with your financial plan, and help you determine which option is best for you and your loved ones.

You’ve worked hard and you want your income to keep working for you after you’ve retired.

Get started on a financial plan that will help you keep your wealth-building goals on track. Contact us today to schedule your meeting.