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Retirement Plan Rollover

When you change jobs, what happens to your company-sponsored retirement plan assets? Choices can seem overwhelming, especially when each option may positively or negatively impact other pieces of your financial life.

Through our advisory relationship, we can help you clearly understand your options. Making strategic financial moves is essential because, just as in a game of chess, the best players think ahead to avoid mistakes and create a path to win.

Has your Financial Professional discussed these with you?

  • Investment options available to me if I keep my assets at my current employer plan;
  • The service capabilities available to me within the current employer plan or if I rollover my account;
  • How my assets are protected against legal judgments if I keep them in the current plan or roll them out of the plan;
  • What happens with my employer stock options;
  • What are the fees for me to keep my assets within the plan or roll them out;
  • Will I have access to penalty-free withdrawals if I roll my plan out;
  • When will I have to take required minimum distributions if I keep my plan as it is now or roll it out;
  • Do I have the option to leave my assets where they are?

Your EWM advisor will walk through these questions and how the various options could potentially impact your financial plan.

We want to bring our experience in assisting you how to determine when and if making a retirement plan rollover is in your best interest. There are many options available through this season of life, and it can be challenging to decipher the benefits and risks of each one.

You don’t have to go it alone. An EWM advisor can help you with important decisions about your retirement so you can focus on your current successes and enjoy the rewarding experiences you’ve worked diligently to earn.

What happens to your retirement funds after you have switched jobs? Contact us to schedule your initial consultation with one of the dedicated financial advisors on the Executive Wealth Management team.