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A Cursory History of the Cursor Thumbnail

A Cursory History of the Cursor

I) The Beginning

The precursor to the cursor was the ancient text interface. Computer users would type "del /f/q/s *.* > nul" or commands even terser, with help menus as unforgiving as "Merciless" Ray Mercer.

So everyone was sad.

II) The Rise 

Then one day engineer Douglas Engelbart said, "Nothing could be worser than a screen without a cursor." So he invented the computer mouse. Now anyone from a distinguished college bursar to an anguished petty verser could send to their foe "You are a cur, sir." with a simple click on their favorite email disperser.

So everyone was happy.

III) The Fall

But then Steve Jobs said, "Apple has always been a user experience-firster, and our new smartphone will be a desktop bubble-burster. Only with their fingers will the computer user choose, for now it is time for the computer mouse to lose."

So the cursor had to go back to its fallback feature as the world's first electronic pet toy.

In the end, only cats were happy.

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