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Acute vs Obtuse

Why was the obtuse angle upset?
Because he was never right!


What do you call an angle which is adorable?
Acute angle.

Above are just two examples of so-called "jokes" from mathematics websites that belittle obtuse angles (angles greater than 90° but less than 180°) while celebrating acute angles (angles less than  90°).  This bias has gotten so bad that obtuse has become synonymous with the words dull or dim-witted while acute is used in phrases like  "an acute sense of smell" to denote strength and power.

Well, just because an angle lacks a pointy vertex doesn't mean it should be mocked. Parents always tell their children not to run with scissors. Why? Because their tips form dangerous acute angles.  In all of recorded history, no kid has ever been harmed by an obtuse angle - well, OK, there was that one time, but really that was more of the kid's fault.  Anyways, if there were no obtuse angles, chairs wouldn't be able to recline, and what kind of horrible world would that be? Hopefully, the preceding argument perfectly demonstrates why this writer has always been proud to be called "obtuse".