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An Orchestra Open to All

Having recently acquired several classical music LPs for a shockingly low price, this author set about delving deeper into the genre's canon of virtuoso performances. That enterprise was abruptly halted when yours truly came across the collected works of the Portsmouth Sinfonia. An orchestra open to all performers regardless of experience and talent level, the Portsmouth Sinfonia gained national fame in the 1970s by butchering Bach worse than fourth graders at an elementary school recital. The saving grace of this group of dubious musicians was the newfound appreciation for great art that they instilled in anyone who listened to their work. For one cannot recognize greatness without the mediocrity that surrounds it.  So, without delay and for your listening pleasure, here is the Portsmouth Sinfonia's rendition of Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King".

Now go and find a better recording and play it on a great stereo system.

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