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Are your face-to face social skills rusty?

Worried the extended coronavirus lockdown has rendered your face-to-face social skills rusty?  Don't worry we're here to help. Now is the time to start working on the most important component of human interaction — knock knock jokes. You might think this type of humor is immature, but there is a sophisticated literary pedigree to this type of punnery, as the very first knock knock joke ever recorded was in William Shakespeare's play Macbeth. And a knock knock joke, with a financial flavor, can be used to add a mirthful moment to any situation, such as

While everyone is enjoying a snack of mixed nuts:

 Knock knock. -- Who's there?
Cash. -- Cash who?
 No thanks. I prefer filberts.

or while everyone is looking at the moons of Jupiter through a telescope:

 Knock knock. --Who's there?
Io. --Io who?
 Yes, and I've come from outer space to collect the debt.

 Now, some may say, "Hey, these jokes aren't funny." Well, first of all, that hurts; but, secondly, that's really the main point. Anyone can elicit laughter with funny jokes, but it takes a real dedication to the craft to sell silly jokes by adding embellishments like a percussive rimshot or some jazz hands. And to succeed in social interactions it's not always the content that matters, but the conviction.