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Early Versions of On A Lighter Note

In 1997, George Lucas released a new version of Star Wars, claiming that two decades of advancement in special effects finally allowed his full artistic vision for the film to be realized.  And the re-release did show how much a simple space story could be improved by a becluttered backdrop of computer-generated distractions.  Just like Star Wars, early versions of On A Lighter Note were constrained by the technological limitations of the medium. But now with advances in financial newsletter technology, old jokes can be re-released in their fully intended splendor:

A duck walks into a bar and orders a beer. Amazed, the bartender blurts out, "Hey, you can talk!"
"Sure, pal, " says the duck. "Now can I get my drink?"
Shaking his head in disbelief, the man gives the duck his beverage and asks him why he chose his establishment.
"I work in the building across the street," says the duck. 
"You should join the circus," says the bartender. "You could make a fortune as a star attraction."
"The circus?" the duck replies. "Why the heck would a circus want to feature an accountant?"


Originally, this joke may have seemed fowl, but now that you can finally see the full artistic vision behind the work you have to admit that it's just ducky.