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Friends or Grammar?

"You can have friends or you can correct people's grammar, " the author Mary Norris once said about a topic most people find tedious and pointless. But does it have to be this way? What if we showed how knowledge of grammar rules could be used to solve a murder mystery ... wouldn't that be intriguing?  Well, here we go:

It is known that only one of two men is responsible in the murder of an English teacher. At the scene of the crime, the teacher left the following note:

My daughter's boyfriend John came to visit. The redhead, Eric, was with him. Help! My daughter's redheaded boyfriend has poisoned me!

Knowing that the teacher was punctilious about punctuation even when she was about to perish, there is enough information in the note above to correctly identify the guilty party. So this wrong will be righted not by wielding the sword of justice but by brandishing the hammer of proper grammar. You can make your choice by pressing the appropriate button below.


John is Guilty



Eric is Guilty