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History of Pillows Thumbnail

History of Pillows

Since this is the section where we pad our newsletter with fluffery, I can think of no better topic to cover than pillows. History's first pillows in ancient Mesopotamia got off to a rocky start, mainly because they were made out of actual rocks. Nevertheless, the pillow persevered and improved through the centuries by adding stuffing and embroidery. Of course, with increased popularity came new enemies. One famous pillow fight occurred in the 1500s when King Henry VIII of England banned the soft cushions from his country fearing that they weakened the character of his subjects. The people, however, were willing to go the mattresses to protect their pillows and the ban was soon lifted. Eventually as manufacturing processes improved during the Industrial Revolution, almost all of society's slugabeds and sleepyheads possessed a proper pillow by the 19th century. The practicality of pillows even expanded beyond just a good night’s sleep in modern times as the invention of throw pillows gave homeowners a new way to cover unsightly stains on couches.

 So, even if you are not the type of person who goes to a slumber party hoping that there will be more slumber than party, I hope you can appreciate the power of pillows.  Whew! This topic has made me sleepy. I might just have to rest my eyes for a moment and …

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