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Home buyers, beware!

Home buyers, beware!  A very special house was recently put up for sale in Buckinghamshire County, England. According to the historical records, the two-bedroom cottage pictured above could be over 1,000 years old. The dwelling's advanced age gives it several unique attributes that let it stand out in today's competitive real estate market. For instance, the historic hovel's dirt floors and thatch roof produce an authentic earthy aroma that you just can't replicate with modern architecture.  Another selling point of this property is its long list of famous former tenants, a veritable who's who of English history, from Beowulf, William the Conqueror, Bilbo Baggins, and Mrs. Marple, all the way up to the four members of The Dave Clark Five not named Dave Clark.

Of course, any future owner of such an old house will be bound by the quirky collection of obscure obligations and charters that have accumulated in English common law throughout the centuries. For example, if Viking barbarians ever again invade the eastern coast of England, the landowner is required to provide one knight and a dozen longbowmen for defense of the realm. However, if the Duke of Earl should ever trespass on the curtilage of your domain, he will be forced to compensate you with two turnips and a Christmas goose.