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"Jingshan" Peak

All of us have metaphorical mountains to climb in our lives, and some of us scale actual mountains, but without a doubt, nowhere is there a figurative or literal mountain easier to surmount than the one in China’s Shandong Province, called "Jingshan". Coming in at a dizzying 2 feet tall, this puny peak has become a sensation on Chinese social media sites. Apparently, geologists recently determined that like an iceberg submerged in dirt, more than 90% of Jingshan's mass is below ground. Immediately, the inconspicuous "dirtberg" was re-classified as a mountain.  The new classification made Jingshan so popular that local officials have stationed a group of sturdy Sherpa guides at the foot of the mountain to ensure no tourists stub their toes while attempting an ascent.  Thus, with the Great Wall, China has the only man-made structure visible from space, and now with Jingshan, it has the only natural geological landmass that disappears from view if a park ranger forgets to mow the lawn during the week.


A picture of "Jingshan", China's famous mini-mountain. Object represented is to scale - yes, it definitely is one tiny little thing.