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June is Alzheimer's and Brain Health Awareness Month Thumbnail

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Health Awareness Month

A Note from JImmie Plaskey, CFP®  Private Wealth Advisor At EWM:

I wanted to take a moment to share with you that June is Alzheimer's and Brain Health Awareness Month. As you may know, I am involved with and a board member of the Michigan Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Alzheimer's is the sixth-leading cause of death in our country. It's a more deadly disease than breast and prostate cancer combined.

I am passionate about educating others about this disease as my family was completely caught off guard upon my Aunt Suzy's diagnosis with early-onset Alzheimer's in 2012. We faced this battle without knowing the plethora of sources available to us.

The Alzheimer's Association offers multiple types of community education, one on one consultations, a 24/7 helpline, and many different support groups.

Here are some resources (web links) if you or anyone you know is battling this disease themselves or caring for a loved one and wants more information.