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Letters have feelings too

You might not care one iota about the Greek alphabet, but that doesn’t mean its letters don’t constantly pop-up during your daily life. While following current events, one might hear about stock portfolio alphas, beta men, gamma radiation, Delta Air Lines, and so on, all the way to omega fats. Every Greek letter seems to have found its niche in American society, whether in finance, science, or pop culture, with one exception. No loves omicron. Mathematicians suffer no stigma when they use sigma to sum numbers or pi to slice up circles, but they never look twice at omicron. Sororities or fraternities may fancy eta, theta, or zeta, but they too show little love for omicron. Sure, if you look at the picture below,  maybe omicron just looks like a regular old O, but I say that having fancy squiggles or loops shouldn't make one letter better than any other. So the next time you see someone drawing a circle, tell them, "That's a mighty fine omicron you've got there." Every little bit of effort helps to raise omicron awareness. Letters have feelings too - I think.

Omicron. The Fredo Corleone of the Greek alphabet.