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Modern Dentistry

When asked how life has improved for people through the ages, many historians will point to advancements like modern dentistry or the internet. And sure, maybe those things have helped a few people, but there is one little-known way that the fortunes of all of humanity have significantly progressed - we no longer fear the peril of feral rabbit robbers. You see, manuscripts from the Middle Ages were filled with images documenting the many accounts of hare-brained highwayman waylaying unlucky travelers, thumping them on the head with their rabbit cudgels, stealing their baubles, and then sometimes even carrying the poor souls back to their rabbit lair to make a people stew for their supper.

But thanks to the heroic deeds of unknown knights these medieval monsters were eventually defeated and their descendants subjugated. Now in 2018, rabbits are rarely armed, and instead of feasting on human flesh, they are forced to nibble on leafy roughage like the feeble little creature pictured below:


So sure, toothaches aren't quite so debilitating anymore, and now you can go on your computer and find a 1,000 different people to teach you how to properly peel a potato, but what really makes now such much better than then is this one simple fact: there are no more bunny bandits.