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Monroe Monster of 1965

Throughout the years, Hollywood has consistently revamped Count Dracula and re-monstered Frankenstein in attempts to satisfy the public's desire for scary movies.  However, these constant remakes mean that several fearsome creatures have yet to be featured in their own frightening films. Take for example the Monroe Monster of 1965. This was a large, hairy beast that accosted a young woman and her mother while they were driving home at night in Monroe, Michigan, during the summer of 1965. Many local newspapers  covered the terrifying details of this incident along with the young woman's very lifelike drawing of the monster (one example is given below).
Looking at this clipping you might ask yourself, "After a monster attack, why would the headline writer be so concerned about itchy feet?"  Who knows? I guess people had different interests back then. Nevertheless, surely with just the contents of this simple story the next up-and-coming movie director could create a horror movie sensation that would dominate the box office next Halloween.