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National Dress Your Pet Rodent in Medieval Armor Day

I hope you didn't forget that today, July 9th, is National Dress Your Pet Rodent in Medieval Armor Day.  Now, some of our more cynical readers might think this is one of those pretend holidays that clutter up the calendar and only exist so that writers can create trivial content when a deadline is looming and they are out of ideas. Well, to those people, all I can say is, “What are you, the newsletter police?”

This holiday is totally legit.  Since its inception in 2018, a non-negative number of people across America have celebrated this day by dressing their pets for battle as an homage to those days of yore when heroic hedgehogs, gallant guinea pigs, and lionhearted mice rescued fair maidens from wicked wizards and troublesome trolls. The holiday has become so important that it has received substantial backing from several prominent professional organizations, including the Miniature Ironmongers of America and the Rodent Renaissance Festival, whose slogan is “LARPing – it’s not just for humans anymore.”  

3.pngSir Sniffs-a-lot is ready for National Dress Your Pet Rodent in Medieval Armor Day. If he looks familiar, you might remember Sir Sniffs-a-lot from that episode of Game of Thrones where an army of guinea pigs fought a dragon.