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"School Is Out" by Gary U.S. Bonds

Although their departure may be delayed this season by a surplus of snow days, kids everywhere will still celebrate June as the time when school ends.  Also, this Thursday, June 6th, will be the 80th birthday of legendary singer Gary U.S. Bonds.  What's the connection?  Well, in 1961, Gary scored a top-five hit with "School Is Out" - a catchy, upbeat tune that celebrates that moment every year when students get to shed their scholastic shackles for the summer. And although "Credit Default Swap" Jones may have a loyal and vocal fanbase, we believe that Mr. U.S. Bonds deserves recognition as the greatest R&B artist named after a debt-based financial instrument that this country has ever produced.


"School Is Out" by Gary U.S. Bonds.

Gary did release a follow-up song in the fall of 1961 entitled  "School Is In". It extolled the importance of buckling down and burying your nose in textbooks in order to gain knowledge and advance your career. Strangely, that song didn't chart as well with America's youth.