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Scottish Badgers

The enchanted woodlands of rural Scotland are filled with many exotic animals, including ravenous ravens, unbearable bears, cowardly cows, and, I believe, a hippopotamus or two.  But no critter can cause more havoc in the Highlands than the simple badger. For example, Craignethan Castle, a Scottish landmark originally built in the 16th century, was almost brought to ruin after one such creature moved into its cellar earlier this summer.  It seems that it can be quite hassle when a badger is hiding in your castle, especially after it starts to tunnel through the crumbling, 500-year-old stonework.

After several frightening encounters with the aggressive animal, distraught castle caretakers tried to lure him out with some cat food, but this proved to be unsuccessful because apparently badgers aren't a type of cat.  Eventually, the badger left of his own accord, disappearing quietly into the night one week after he had invaded the castle.  Animal experts who were brought in to help the castle staff believe that the uninvited guest wandered in from the nearby forest after a dispute with another badger during mating season. And they say that while everyone knows that honey badgers just don't care, Scottish badgers, on the other hand, are actually quite sensitive, and sometimes they just need a little time and space to decompress after a tough breakup.