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Something equals Nothing

If you ever found yourself saying, "Hmmm ...  yet another day has passed and I did not use the quadratic equation once ... very interesting ", then you might question the value of all that algebra you were forced to learn in high school and college. Of course, math teachers could give you a list of reasons why being nimble with algebraic symbols is a life-enriching skill, but it seems like they might have too much skin in the game to give an impartial answer to this question. However, we know of one profound philosophical truth that can only be arrived at algebraically, as we will quickly demonstrate below: 

Thus, with just a few lines of math, we were able to rigorously prove that Something equals Nothing; that the Haves and the Have-Nots are really just the same; that, in fact, all things in the universe are ultimately just one. And this state of enlightened serenity is only possible through algebra. Now, aren't you happy you took all those math classes?