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Telford Exotic Zoo

Recently, the British newspaper Metro featured a story on a peculiar problem facing the Telford Exotic Zoo in Shropshire County, England. It seems that just as the small zoo was finishing its ambitious new penguin exhibit, a bout of avian malaria passed through the United Kingdom wiping out most of the country's polar sea bird population.  While the country's larger zoos were able to replenish their penguin stocks, Telford had no new arrivals available on the exhibit's opening night. To ensure that the county's children wouldn't be disappointed, the zookeeper decided to place life-like plastic penguins throughout the exhibit. Apparently, the feathered statuettes were a big hit with the local kids, although there have been a few questions about why the penguins don't move as much as they do on TV, or why any stiff breeze through the zoo knocks all the birds down.

Nevertheless, the popularity of the painted plastic penguins has encouraged the zoo to expand their artificial avian exhibits.  They now have a habitat featuring the Norwegian Blue parrot, whose pensive pining for the fjords helps it maintain a very rigid posture throughout the day. And there are even rumors that they are planning to unveil the world's only dodo bird den later in 2020.

999.jpgThree playful penguins approach the cameraman at the Telford Exotic Zoo.