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The Grammatical Grumblebug Thumbnail

The Grammatical Grumblebug

Every successful franchise has its spinoffs. Happy Days had Joanie Loves Chachi, 21 Jump Street had Booker, and Baywatch had Baywatch Nights. Of course, On A Lighter Note wasn't immune to this trend. In what was possibly an ill-conceived idea, the On A Lighter Note writing staff worked on a short-lived spinoff called "The Grammatical Grumblebug" which was to feature brief, hard-hitting, in-your-face commentary on grammar topics. Unfortunately, the segment never really found an audience, with only one episode being created which, for the sake of posterity, is shown below: 


Why do we need commas? Well, first consider the meaning of the bolded sentence below:

He eats shoots and leaves.

The sentence above describes a peaceful, portly panda munching on bamboo. But, add some commas to the sentence and then we have:
 He eats, shoots, and leaves.

Now, we're describing the scene in The Godfather when psychopathic mobster Michael Corleone killed family enemies Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey at the Louis Restaurant.

 So Panda Bear or Al Pacino? The choice is all in the punctuation.

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