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Where has "On A Lighter Note" been the last couple of weeks? Thumbnail

Where has "On A Lighter Note" been the last couple of weeks?

Where has "On A Lighter Note" been the last couple of weeks? Well, this author has been a little preoccupied with his side hustle as a constructor of convoluted contrivances for underserved market sectors. What's that? Well, let me try to explain:

People who like to eat tomatoes can go to supermarkets or grocery stores to fulfill their needs. People who like to run are provided with jogging paths and nature trails by municipalities. But what about people who like to eat tomatoes while they run? Who is working for them? Nobody ---- until now.

In collaboration with Japanese robotics conglomerate Kagome Co. and after re-watching The Empire Strikes Back on VHS, I have created a  Yoda-sized tomato dispenser that can be worn during workouts called "Mr. Tomato". I've decided to go public with video footage (see below) after fearing that my competitors in the race for a patent involving a robotic tomato man might ketchup.

As you can see, by flipping a switch the robot will start delivering tomatoes to the runner. If the runner says "Domo arigato, Mr. Tomato" , he will continue to be fed until the tomato repository is depleted.

 And this device isn't just fashionable, it also beneficial to good health. Tomatoes are a well known source of the nutrient lycopene, and studies have shown that a lack of lycopene during vigorous exercise is the leading cause of lycanthropy.  Thus, in so many ways, the work on Mr. Tomato has been a fruitful - or is it vegetableful - endeavor.

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