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Portfolio Management

At Executive Wealth Management, our team of financial advisors has over 100 years of combined experience in portfolio management.

Portfolio Management with EWM

Our investment approach is proactive. Keeping your risk tolerance in mind, we monitor your assets daily. Our experienced advisors analyze global marketplace trends and use this knowledge to pursue opportunities that seek to advance your portfolio across asset classes while keeping your expenses at a minimum.  

  • We Put Your Best Interests First: Our main goal is to guide you towards your economic well-being.

  • Fiduciary Responsibilities: As fiduciaries, are managing and adjusting your portfolio to look for new opportunities to advance your investments while implementing defensive measures if the market moves unfavorably.

  • Full Transparency: Your advisor can inform you about fees, portfolio management, and answer any questions you may have

  • Build, Defend, Advance: It’s not just a slogan. Our build, defend, and advance strategy in order to manage your portfolio effectively.

Our multi-step portfolio management approach begins with an initial meeting. During this conversation, we review your overall financial picture and talk with you about your goals and risk tolerance. This conversation helps us determine efficiencies that we can implement in your current portfolio and, if appropriate, we incorporate our models to ProTactically™ to monitor your investments.

When it comes to managing your portfolio, you need an advisor that you can trust to help build, defend, and advance your investment future. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with an EWM team member.