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Updates from the EWM Team:
Financial updates, tips, and news you can use.

EWM Updates

Vinyl Records

Recent news reports indicate that sales of vinyl records may surpass CDs this year, as a growing number of consumers believe that the old, analog players provide a richer sound experience than the newer electronic devices. This story makes us wonder if there is any other old-fashioned contraption that could become cool again? What about manual typewriters? Can the public once again be smitten with the typewritten word?

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Paying off Student Loans

In 2018, student loan debt in the U.S. reached $1.5 trillion. With a continued increase in college tuition, it's likely that even more young adults will be turning to loans in order to finance their education.

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Season of Gift-Giving

During this season of gift-giving, it is important to remember the example of British barrister Cecil Chubb. In 1915, Stonehenge, that iconic standing stone circle of southern England, was up for sale because the noble family that had previously owned the prehistoric pillars had seen their line of descendants depleted by World War I.

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Friends or Grammar?

"You can have friends or you can correct people's grammar, " the author Mary Norris once said about a topic most people find tedious and pointless. But does it have to be this way?

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Waste Management

This column has a strict policy of not indulging in toilet humor (some may say we have a strict policy of not indulging in any sort of humor); nevertheless, we would be remiss if we missed a chance to acknowledge the accomplishments of British businessman and sanitation engineer Thomas Crapper (yes, this is a real person).

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Simple Arithmetic

"Man is the measure of all things", said the Greek philosopher Protagoras. However, when man wants to measure those things, he needs units, and those can be difficult to create for abstract concepts.

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