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Investment Solutions

Wise Investing for an Ever-Changing World.

EWM Investment Solutions models strive to bridge the gap between asset protection and your desire to grow wealth.

We provide global market diversification and downside protection strategies for prolonged market declines through various models such as tactical asset and opportunistic allocation models, individual stock, and fully invested strategic models. This entails leveraging a multi-strategy, multi-asset class approach to help achieve your risk and return goals.

We work to ensure that your portfolio is positioned to take advantage of market opportunities and defend what you've earned.

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EWM Investment Solutions

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Institutional Investment Management

  • Our investment team first utilizes an objective, trend-following strategy to determine whether an asset class is in a favorable investing environment.
  • Depending on the asset class, additional steps are taken to determine whether to over/underweight versus other holdings.
  • After appropriate risk/reward opportunities are identified, fundamental research is used to determine the investments that are best positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.
  • If a market segment is unfavorable, exposure to that segment may be reduced, and less volatile investments may be held until a positive trend develops.

Customized Portfolios

Advisors works directly with our in-house investment team to create a customized portfolio, leveraging a multi-strategy, multi-asset class approach to help you achieve your risk and return goals.

Sample Moderate Allocation

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Tactical Portfolio

Tactical portfolios may reduce equity exposure in times of perceived risk with the goal of preservation while it aims to achieve growth during low-risk periods.

pie chartsStrategic Portfolio

Strategic portfolios remain invested throughout market cycles while aiming to achieve long-term growth.

By combining these approaches, we seek to minimize risk where possible while achieving the targeted returns over full market cycles. In addition, advisors may use our all equity, fixed income, or opportunistic strategies manage risk.

The result: a customized, actively managed investment portfolio that considers your situation and is designed to achieve your personal goals through every season of life and navigate evolving markets.