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Charts and books on a meeting table

Your portfolio is positioned in an attempt to take advantage of market opportunities and defend what you've earned.

Investments offer an opportunity to build wealth. They also present a myriad of ways we can risk losing what we’ve gained.

Your Executive Wealth Management financial advisor is part of a team with over 100 years of combined experience. Your advisor can also offer portfolio management through EWM Investment Solutions, and our Protactical™ Approach.

Your portfolio is positioned in an attempt to take advantage of market opportunities and defend what you've earned.

Wise Investing for an Everchanging World.™

The EWM Investment Solutions models strive to bridge the gap between asset protection and your desire to grow your wealth. No investment is certain; what is certain is that Executive Wealth Management will use our resources to work tirelessly with you to build, defend, and advance your wealth-building goals. 

The EWM Investment Solutions is exclusively available through your relationship with Executive Wealth Management. Learn more about the EWM Difference: our Protactical Approach with EWM Investment Solutions here.

Here's a brief overview of investment vehicles

  • Stocks: Stocks provide you with a small ownership interest in the company. At Executive Wealth Management, our experienced financial advisors review your portfolio, risk tolerance, current holdings to and financial goals to recommend and manage positions within your portfolio that aim to benefit your future financial wealth.
  • Bonds: With a bond, you are lending money to an entity with the intent that they will pay you back your principal and certain percentage for the privilege of your trust in lending. Certain types of bonds can provide its holders with tax benefits throughout the life of the holding.

  • Mutual Funds: With mutual funds, you have the ability to trade in a large pool of investments with other shareholders. These tools are priced once daily based on the funds determination of the value of underlying assets (Net Asset Value, or NAV). Our experienced team works with you to help you determine if  mutual funds would be appropriate for your portfolio.

  • ETFs: Similar to Mutual Funds in the pooled investment experience, exchange traded funds provide you with an opportunity to gain exposure to different sectors towards different goals while generally trading on the open market and priced competitively. Generally, less costly than mutual funds, these can offer you the cost-effective ability to invest in a broader segment.

  • Annuities: An annuity, which is an insurance product, can give you a guarantee that you will receive certain benefits for your investment over a given period. It is also a complicated investment option and is often restricted with penalties for withdrawals and other fees. We help you understand and determine how an annuity may fit in your long-term plan.

  • Options: Simplified, depending on the type of option, they are an investor’s forecast on what the underlying associated stock position will do in the market; grow or decline.  A complicated investment tool, at Executive Wealth Management, we advise on current options positions and help you determine if they are in the best interest of your situation and portfolio.

  • REITs: Similar to mutual funds in pooled experience a real estate investment trust is a pooled product of real estate holdings. These can be exchange-traded or priced on NAV by the issuer.

  • Insurance: Having life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance provides risk management to protect your wealth. An important part of building your financial plan will be helping you determine and decipher need and receive the proper levels of coverage.

The financial world is a puzzle with continually moving pieces. Your EWM financial advisor will encourage you to meet regularly to talk about your investment portfolio. You can discuss any changes in your planned events, and necessary adjustments that can help align your financial plan with the events in your life.  

When you work with an EWM financial advisor, you will have someone on your team who wants to manage expenses, guide you to the investment opportunities that fit your risk tolerance and horizon timeline.

Wise investing is part of a comprehensive financial plan. Contact us today to build your custom financial plan.