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Tax Strategies

Building wealth only to have it eaten up through tax liability can feel like a losing battle. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why you need a tax strategy.

It’s unfortunate to see people invest their assets with someone who does not take a comprehensive look at the whole picture—investments, insurance, income tax planning, and tax strategies—the entire financial plan. Many of our financial decisions will have tax implications.

Creating a plan that helps protect assets with creative tax strategies can only be effectively done when your EWM advisor has all the information. If you are investing your assets with someone who is only working with your investments, then they only have one piece of your financial puzzle. Having missing pieces risks hindering your wealth-building goals.

It's important to see the entire picture and work with an advisor who has the time, interest, and experience to work with you to understand your whole financial picture and implement a strategy that builds all of the pieces together.  

Your advisor is a key member of your financial team.

EWM financial advisors can bring an understanding of tax complexities to your financial plan. Your advisor will review the tax implications on your investments, assets, and available income opportunities. Your advisor can also work to find ways to put inefficient investments in more tax-efficient accounts. Together with your CPA or other tax professionals, we work with you to create a comprehensive tax strategy that helps you keep more of what you earn.