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The EWM Difference

Compassionate Growth

True wealth is the value inherent in people. EWM is privileged to serve our clients and community through compassionate growth with the following commitments:

  • The EWM team listens and educates with non-judgmental understanding, while always maintaining strict confidentiality.
  •  EWM manages client assets with a strong sense of stewardship and weighted respect for responsibility we hold on every client’s behalf. EWM continues to invest in a process that will help us defend and advance that which clients have entrusted to us.
  • The EWM team is passionate about guiding people through their legacy building journey because building wealth requires a long-term plan with a focused and steady vision for each client’s unique situation and future.

Defensive Growth: Wise investing for an ever-changing world™

"People who want to build wealth need to know that an investment philosophy and process is critical to any long-term investment strategy."    
- Bert Herzog, III, Founder and Director, Executive Wealth Management

Defensive Growth Philosophy

Client portfolios are guarded by EWM Investment Solutions, an affiliated advisor offering proprietary models developed by the Executive Wealth Management (EWM) founders and maintained by a professional team of specialists. The portfolios are positioned in an attempt to take advantage of market opportunities while defending the downside.

EWM Investment Solutions offers an innovative and disciplined investment management strategy created by the EWM founders in 2009, explained in the video above. EWM Investment Solutions expanded the services EWM offered to our clients and solidified our defensive growth philosophy.

Protactical™ Approach

The EWM Investment Solutions Protactical™ (proactive + tactical) approach strives to anticipate opportunities in the global markets with the flexibility to make timely and tactical model adjustments based on client risk tolerance and EWM Investment Solutions proprietary research. The EWM Investment Solutions models, available through your relationship with EWM, strive to bridge the gap between asset protection and your desire to grow your wealth.

Most investors realize the importance of planning wisely for the future - setting long term goals and then working toward achieving them. Unfortunately, in an ever-changing world, the right path toward financial independence is not always obvious.

Build. Defend. Advance.

Your portfolio is positioned in an attempt to take advantage of market opportunities and defend what you've earned. No investment is certain; what is certain is that together Executive Wealth Management will use our resources to work tirelessly with you to build, defend and advance your future.

EWM Investment Solutions is an Executive Wealth Management affiliated Registered Investment Advisor offering an innovative and disciplined investment management strategy created by the EWM founders in 2009.